Supplement Ordering

Ponderosa Natural Medicine

Ponderosa makes no compromises in the quality and absorbability of the natural supplements we recommend.

How Does Ponderosa Natural Medicine Recommend Wellness Products?

We carefully recommend each supplement, vitamin, mineral, or custom blend to serve your long-term health goals, overcome your challenges, and promote healthy living day after day.

Important: Fullscript specializes in natural medicine and has very high standards for the supplements they sell – unlike many of the big online retailers.

1. Complete Recommended Functional Lab Tests

Lab testing is designed to understand your needs on an individual basis. The results of this test allow us to recommend the most beneficial natural supplements for your mind and body.

2. Get an Individualized Health Plan

Dr. Karrina Wallace will create a tailored health plan to address your challenges and long-term vision with herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, lifestyle and nutritional counseling, in-office procedures and more.

3. Order Your Recommended Supplements via Fullscript or Directly from Us

Ordering through Fullscript allows us to track your intake and make sure you’re getting the right natural supplements to fit your needs.

What Wellness Products Are Available in-House from Ponderosa?

Custom Herbal Blends

Your health goals are unique – and pre-formulated supplements might not be the right fit for your needs. We may choose to formulate a custom in-house tincture from high-quality organic herbal blends to support digestive health, adrenal health, sleep, mental health, and more.

Custom Flower Essence Blends

An individualized flower essence formula may be right for your health journey. These natural remedies help to manage negative emotions, including worry, hatred, and indecision – allowing peace of mind to support both mental and physical health.

What is Fullscript?

Fullscript is a trusted partner to over 70K health practitioners fiercely dedicated to providing high-quality wellness products – nothing else. This service gives access to a complete catalog of professional supplements shipped directly to your home.

NSF | cGMP Registered Facilities

The Fullscript distribution centers operate within cGMP standards and in compliance with NSF International guidelines. Every location is thoroughly audited every year for sanitation, temperature controls, maintenance, and pest control.

Exceptional Customer Care

Fullscript is known for its commitment to quality wellness products – both before and after they reach the customer’s door. If any issues arise, the company goes above and beyond to provide new or alternative products to make it right.

Fresh shipments

There is a strong “first-in-first-out” policy to make sure all products shipped spent less than three months on the shelf for maximum freshness.

High packaging standards

All packages are thoroughly handled with protective padding and cold packs to make sure every wellness product is delivered in pristine condition.

Rigorous quality controls

Fullscript closely controls and monitors their storage facilities, security, stock rotation, temperature, and traceability to ensure top quality in every product – with regular audits.

Wellness products only

Unlike the bigger general online retailers, Fullscript works solely with supplements, vitamins, minerals, and other wellness products to maintain and extremely high level of specialization and quality.


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