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We provide an all-natural, alternative approach to medicine on a deeply individual level.

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Are You Looking for a Natural, More Individualized Approach to Health?

Everyone’s body is unique – and the best results in healthcare start with a detailed examination of each patient, their challenges, goals, and opportunities to create a healthier status quo. 

At Ponderosa, we use a combination of natural and conventional medicine to develop health plans that meet our patients’ needs on a deeply individualized level.

Why Turn to a Naturopathic Doctor from Ponderosa?

Manage the Causes – Not the Symptom

We’re not here to provide quick fixes and temporary relief. Our goal is to get to the core of your health challenges to develop life-long solutions.

Empower Your Mind & Body

Healthy living requires the mind and body to work cohesively. That’s why we take a comprehensive approach to address both your physical and mental challenges.

Natural, Long-Term Results

Our mission is to channel your body’s natural abilities through proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and other pure remedies for today and tomorrow.

Ready to Create a Healthier, Happier Future?

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Our Alternative Medicine Services: What We Do

Functional Lab and Holistic Diagnostic Tests

Uncover your imbalances to find your perfect health plan.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

Live a healthier life with a sustainable plan for you – not the masses.

Custom Herbal Medicine

Receive a custom herbal tincture based on your laboratory findings and symptoms.

Physiotherapy for Discomfort

Non-invasive, holistic management for aches and swelling.

Quality Nutritional Supplements

Natural remedies tailored to your needs.

Auricular Therapy

Improve your mental health, memory, digestion, organ function, and more.

Lifestyle Coaching

Create smarter, healthier habits for the long-term.

Detoxifying Hydrotherapy

Support your digestion, circulation, and overall health.


An energetic medicine used to restore your body’s natural health.

Meet Doctor Karrina Wallace, ND

It is Dr. Wallace’s goal to empower patients to achieve optimal health in a compassionate and realistic manner. She takes the time to understand her patients in order to discover where their imbalances may lie. You will find your experience with her to be empowering and supportive.

Our patients love working with Dr. Wallace, here are a few reasons patients have noted:

  • Kind and Approachable
  • Compassionate and Caring
  • Knowledgeable and Thorough
  • Well Researched

Our Values

Individualized Care

Everyone’s mind and body works differently. At Ponderosa, we get to the bottom of what makes you unique to provide a deeply individualized approach to holistic medicine.

Educational Support

You deserve to know every single detail of your natural medicine plan. We take the time to explain each symptom, remedy, and intended outcome so you can approach your new healthy lifestyle with confidence – not uncertainty.

Natural Remedies

We believe nature’s restorative powers are the preferred means of healthy living. Natural therapies and methodologies are the core of everything we do at Ponderosa.


At its core, health care should be compassionate and non-judgmental. Your concerns are always met with empathy. No matter what your current lifestyle, dietary choices, body size, gender identity, or sexual orientation looks like – we will always advocate for your best interests.


The best results in natural medicine start with openness. Nothing you say leaves our office – you are 100% free to discuss your health concerns, challenges, and anything else in detail.


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