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We help people create and maintain lifelong habits with natural remedies and highly individualized health plans.

Why Turn to Natural Medicine?

You’re Looking for a More Personalized Approach to Health

Conventional medicine is intended to serve the masses. Everyone’s body and mind operates differently – and natural medicine is all about understanding what makes you unique to provide highly individualized care.

You Want a Sustainable Health Plan

Healthy living requires more than quick fixes and short-term solutions. Natural medicine starts by getting the body and mind in sync to create positive, life-long patterns.

Your Questions Aren’t Getting Answered

The mass amount of generalized health information online can be overwhelming. The most valuable answers come from 1-on-1 meetings with a doctor who understands your mind and body on a personal level.

Our Natural Medicine Services

Let’s build your perfect health plan with natural remedies.

Functional Lab and Holistic Diagnostic Tests

Our health plans start with a series of tests to understand your imbalances, symptoms, and health goals on a deeply individual level to determine how natural medicine can improve your day-to-day life. Lab tests may include: Functional digestive testing, Adrenal testing, Nutritional testing, Hormone/thyroid testing, and/or Metabolic testing.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Counseling

You’ll work closely with a registered naturopathic doctor to develop a customized lifestyle and nutrition plan that speaks directly to your goals, challenges, and long-term vision. This plan will be based on your lab results.

Custom Herbal Medicine

Dr. Karrina Wallace – our naturopathic doctor – will formulate custom herbal tinctures, tea-based remedies, or flower essences based on our lab findings to meet your individual needs.

Physiotherapy for Discomfort

We’ll help you leverage the benefits of physiotherapy to relieve discomfort via therapeutic ultrasounds, muscle energy techniques, sine wave muscle stimulation, or passive exercise using a Qi Machine.

Lifestyle Coaching

Developing healthy habits is a process – and it doesn’t happen overnight. Ponderosa Natural Medicine works with you to create constructive patterns in your lifestyle, benefitting your mental and physical wellbeing.

Detoxifying Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy – cold plunges, whirlpools, and spas – may be used within your health plan to support bodily functions including digestion, circulation, and more.

Quality Nutritional Supplements

We’ll provide a customized regiment of 100% natural supplements to fit your needs – based on your lab results. All supplements are of the highest quality and absorbability, provided through Fullscript.

Auricular therapy

Auricular therapy – commonly known as acupuncture – may be necessary to help improve mental wellbeing, memory, organ function, and more within your customized health plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can natural medicine help with?

Naturopathic medicine focuses on the whole person and can support a variety of conditions. Many people use natural medicine to support pain, fatigue, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia or to mitigate risk factors such as hyperlipidemia and prediabetes.

What is considered a natural medication?

Natural medications include remedies derived from nature, like herbs, supplements, essential oils, and other plant-based products used to create therapeutic benefits.

Are your consultations free?

We offer free consultations, which typically take around 15-20 minutes. However, these consultations are intended to answer basic, general questions. For more individualized support, we recommend scheduling a new patient appointment.

Do you take insurance?

Generally, no. Due to Colorado state licensing restrictions, we do not bill insurance for our natural health services. Depending on what labs are ordered we may bill your insurance for lab testing if possible, with the exception of Kaiser, Medicare, and Medicaid.

How long does it take to get lab results?

This timeline varies based on the tests – and results can take between 1-and 21 days.

What types of diets do you recommend?

We recommend a vast array of diets based on the individual needs of each patient. Once we discuss your health concerns and have the results of your lab test, we’ll be able to recommend an ideal nutritional plan.

What is the difference between a traditional naturopathic doctor and a traditional naturopathic or herbalist?

A naturopathic doctor (ND) has formal medical training from an accredited naturopathic medical school, which includes clinical experience and licensure exams. This profession blends conventional medical knowledge with natural therapies.

A traditional naturopath or herbalist may focus solely on natural remedies and practices, often without the formal medical education or licensing that NDs undergo. The education and training can vary widely and may not be standardized.

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