NPR Article on the Effects of the Mind-Body on Health.

Mind-Body Connection: Awesome interview about the power of the mind to influence one’s physiology to effect health and diseases.  A few interesting points of the article:

  • What the placebo effect is telling us is that we in some ways, have the ability to heal ourselves.
  • A good relationship with a doctor who instills confidence, is friendly and demonstrates empathy influences patient outcome for the better.
  • Mind-body training is helpful for pain, depression, anxiety, nausea, and immune system disorders.
  • Chronic stress causes chronic inflammation and increases risk of auto-immune diseases and chronic diseases such as atherosclerosis
  • Mindfulness meditation may regulates immune function response and effect disease from the flu to HIV.
  • Simply slowing your breathing (5 seconds, in 5 seconds out) is sometime enough to calm the body.
  • Mind-body practice trains us to have control over symptoms to illnesses and cause improvements in headaches, stomach aches etc.
  • Talk to yourself! Focus on positive things in your life to reduce inflammation and control symptoms.
  • Herbal medicine and amino acid therapy can be very helpful in breaking the cycle of stress. Techniques like simple journaling, coloring, writing ourselves notes, etc. can be helpful as well.
  • Talk to your naturopathic doctor for ideas!

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