Constitutional Hydrotherapy for Improved Digestion, Increased Immune Function and Detoxification

Ponderosa Natural Medicine provides constitutional hydrotherapy to many of it’s patients.
This relaxing and powerful treatment uses one’s own physiology to promote self-healing. The benefits of this treatment are wide-reaching from acute illnesses such as the common cold to chronic diseases such as cancer. Find out more below and schedule an appointment today!

1)    Hot towel applied to the abdomen for 5-minutes increases circulation to the vital organs of digestive and elimination, increases parasympathetic tone, and increases white blood cell count.
2)    Cold towel applied to the abdomen for 10-minutes causes vasoconstriction and causes blood to pump through the vital organs. The body heats up this towel causing further circulation, and encourages lymphatic flow.
3)    Muscle stimulation machine is used on the back to stimulate the nervous system that controls the organs of digestion.
4)    Muscle stimulation is then directed to a specific organ, depending on the patient’s needs, to increase blood flow and immune cells to that organ.
5)    Hot application to the back as above.
6)    Cold application to the back as above.

Effects of Constitutional Hydrotherapy:
•    Improvements in digestion and elimination
•    Improvements in Immune system function
•    Detoxification and reduction of inflammation

Conditions that Benefit from Constitutional Hydrotherapy:
•    Most Chronic and Acute diseases
•    Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Celiac Disease, SIBO, and other digestive issues.
•    Diabetes and Obesity
•    Hormonal dysregulations for men and women.
•    Allergies and Asthma
•    Inflammatory conditions such as arthritis
•    Cancer
•    Acute diseases: Cold, Flu, Food poisoning

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