Wild Pesto Recipes

If anything is for sure, I love pesto. My mother always grew a lot of basil and I would look forward to the fresh basil pesto she would make.  Did you know? Pesto comes from the latin word “pestare” which means to pound or crush. Pesto can be made with any herbs. Traditional basil pesto is extremely high in nutrients. The olive oil is a great source of healthy fat (when served cold or over low heat). Garlic is a powerful natural antifungal and antibiotic and is also anti-inflammatory. Basil is one of the highest sources of calcium in the plant community. 

However, pesto can be made from a variety of herbs some that grow right in your back yard.

Check out this awesome article for recipes:  http://www.hobbyfarms.com/food-and-kitchen/5-pestos-preserves-made-with-wild-edibles.aspx

A little about calcium in basil: http://www.calciumrichfoods.org/Calcium-In-Basil-Fresh/

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